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Hydradermie Lift Program

A fantastic breakthrough in skin care, the Guinot Hydradermie Lift Program uses low frequency stimulation current to tone the muscles of the face, eye, and neck area. This revolutionary treatment targets the areas to be rejuvenated: forehead (wrinkles and fine lines), eye orbicular (deep wrinkles); upper eyelids (sagging); masseters (sagging of the cheeks); nasal creases (draw lines, marked face); and facial contours (sagging neck, slackened skin)

Deluxe Lift (1hr 45min) $195.00
Signature Lift (1 hr 15min) $130.00
Express Lift (45 min) $70.00

Beautify Signature Program

This star treatment is designed to restore your skin’s natural beauty and is customized to meet your specific needs using a combination of mild electrical current to deliver intense hydration, deep cleansing, and oxygenation.

1hr 30min $125.00

Beautify Essential Facial Programs

Customized facial treatments based on your skin requirements, as well as seasonal changes. Your skin is toned, renewed, relaxed and radiant.

Pro-Collagen + Vitamin C Anti-Aging Treatment (1hr)
With age and fatigue, the skin slackens and loses tone. This pro-collagen + vitamin C treatment gives your face new youthfulness and firmness by reducing the marks of time as well as promote skin’s elasticity. The treatment also restores radiance and vitality to clear away marks during periods of fatigue.

Fruit Acid Double Peel (AHA) (1hr)
This treatment will restore a radiant complexion, as well as improving the look of pigmentation mark on the skin, eliminating superfluous cells and allowing the skin to breathe again.

Aromatherapy (1hr)
An initiation to serenity and well-being, this unique method combines the benefits of the essential oils with pressure point massage techniques. And it is from nature that GUINOT draws the plant concentrates and essential oils that make skin more beautiful and radiant in this customized facial.

Teen Facial (45 min) $60.00
Petite Facial (30min) $50.00

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